Lamp for Anton Platov

This lamp was created for the famous pagan author and rune master Anton Platov. 

He tells why he chose these symbols for the lantern: 

«Big eight-spoke wheel: eight cardinal directions, eight main holidays of the year, eight significant moments in human life, eight aspects of Strength… .

❋Hagalaz, Yule. The beginning and the end of everything, the birth of a new Sun, God, man. 

❋Laguz, Imbolc. The first awakening of the spring wind, the time of the Goddess of the Road and inspiration. 

❋Tiwaz, Spring Equinox. I don’t know why I used the younger version of the rune — apparently, this made some sense :)) The beginning of spring, the active awakening of Life, maybe some aggressiveness. 

❋Inguz, Beltane. A rampage of fertility. 

❋Fehu, Summer Solstice. The «top of the year», time to work with resources.

❋Ansuz, Lughnasadh. A big holiday, time of the Odin. And in the cycle of human life its time to rule — home, family, your business, your kingdom. 

❋Kenaz, Autumnal Equinox. Time to collect the benefits and see the results of the journey. Time of old age and wisdom in human life. Here would be possible to use the Jēra rune, but Kenaz seemed to me more accurate at that time — revelation, coverage of progress. And

❋Peorð, Samhain. Death, followed by a new Yule.»

Anton Platov


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