Tower Pendants: gift and decoration

In addition to pagan Yule, many of us also celebrate the common New Year. I don’t see anything wrong with that, cos this is the same celeblation, just transformed through the centuries and moved out by dates. But I want us to have the opportunity to celebrate this day in our special pagan atmosphere and magic mood. And these little pendants can be used both to decorate the Yule tree during the winter solstice, and the christmas tree during the new year. 

These little beauties follow the shape of a classic large lamp and will be perfect decoration for your Yule tree or wonderful gift for your friends and family. Pendants are used as a necklace, keychain, home and altar decoration, car amulet. They also provide an opportunity to meet with our works and service before ordering a large lantern.

Size: high — 4,5cm (1.8″); base width — 2,5cm (1″)

One set contains six handcrafted ceramic pendants on a string which are carefully packed in a beautiful wooden gift box. You can also purchase each pendant per one, but with a set the cost will be slightly more profitable

in February 2020 I made my first little Yule pendants and gladly continue to make it to this day. I am very pleased that you liked these little pieces so much, thank you guys! 


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